What Were The Terms Of The Master Settlement Agreement (Select All That Apply.) Quizlet

It has been nearly 10 years since the Attorneys General joined forces in a concerted legal attempt to recover the costs of caring for smokers with cigarette-related illnesses. To avoid a possible bankruptcy, tobacco companies have accepted a legal agreement known as the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). With the MSA, states received a 25-year payment of hundreds of billions of dollars from “Big Tobacco.” In addition, the tobacco industry has been forced to make new concessions on how advertising for cigarettes and other products is aimed at youth in order to reduce smoking across the country. In return, the 46 states that were parties to the MSA agreed to abandon their ongoing individual and collective actions against the tobacco industry. The impact of the scheme is the subject of much discussion. Here we return to the MSA as it was implemented, its potential effects and the lesson it teaches physicians about the realities of public health in the United States. With respect to other states, an Arkansas study found that the state has much of its MSA means in anti-smoking efforts, and all means in health programs.47 Early anti-smoking efforts in the state of Florida contain an anti-smoking youth program. These efforts were significantly reduced in 1999 after new Governor Jeb Bush expressed opposition to the resistance.48 However, Florida continued to seek funding from MSA in “truth” anti-smoking counter-marketing for teens through television, radio, poster and the World Wide Web.49 The state of Texas was one of four states to settle its complaint with the tobacco industry before the MSA $ US17.3 billion. Of the money the state had received up to 2001 ($1.8 billion), only $30 million had been spent on tobacco control. Although some texas municipalities (including the cities of Austin and El Paso) have strict anti-smoking rules, the tobacco industry has been very successful in limiting the use of additional state products for all anti-smoking initiatives.50 including New York ($700,000 for golfcarts), Virginia ($12 million for fibre optic cable laying), North Dakota (45% of its MSA endowment for water resources and flood protection projects) and Alabama (> $1 million for boat camps for juvenile offenders , alternative schools, metal detectors and surveillance cameras for public schools.51 The MSA is planning a massive financial transfer of cigarette manufacturers to the United States for the cost of treating smoking-related diseases and funding for educational programs to reduce underage smoking (see Table 1 for Highlights of comparison).

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