Yokogawa Lifecycle Agreement

An open/integrated system using short-cycle components requires reliable security measures. In order to ensure a stable and continuous operation, it is necessary to implement effective lifecycle planning in order to maximize the performance of the system. Lifecycle Planning Service A Lifecycle Planning Service is an overview of the life cycle and maintenance history of each component. It also includes the estimated costs of the maintenance lifecycle. Depending on the short lifecycle of the component With the introduction of computer technologies such as computers and network devices, each component of an automation system becomes smaller, smarter and more diverse. However, the life cycle is shorter and software updates are more frequent. Lifecycle Agreement “Sustainable Plan” Yokogawas Lifecycle Agreement “Sustainable Plan” offers a wide range of maintenance services based on our long-term maintenance plan, which we call the lifecycle plan. This maintenance plan offers more than just tranquillity; it offers tangible security benefits for your assets. Yokogawa not only designs an optimal lifecycle plan for customer control systems, but not only monitors, implements and re-designs throughout the lifecycle.

We need a partner that can implement one-stop shop maintenance throughout a system`s lifecycle based on an appropriate level of service. Lifecycle Performance Care Services effectively updates the following requirements. If a control system is suddenly shut down or shut down as a result of a cyberattack, it can result in installation shutdown, unexpected costs or significant financial losses. Of course, customers want to predict how reasonable maintenance costs would prevent such failures through different visual tools, but the link between costs and availability is unclear. Customers need a maintenance plan that effectively balances reliability with TCO`s minimum requirements. To meet these requirements, an effective program must move from “reactive maintenance” to “proactive maintenance.” Yokogawa offers a high-quality, seamless upgrade service. The continued operation of facility automation systems requires a highly available environment to be able to operate continuously 24/7/365. Many facility processing facilities are now in need of longer and longer operations, without having to be closed for maintenance-intensive facilities.

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